Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sarah and duck inspired hat

Sarah and duck inspired crochet hat 
Pattern designed and written by zara khan of Quality Handmade Items on fb

This hat is to fit ages 1-3 years for 4 to 10 yrs i just changed to a 5mm hook instead of 4.5mm

Materials list 
4mm and 4.5mm hook
Green worsted weight 10 ply or double strand dk yarn 
1 stitch marker 

Sc- single crochet 
Hdc - half double crochet 
Dc- double crochet 
Sl - slip stitch 
* rep - repeat 

Special instructions 

This hat is worked in the round 

Round 1 - start with 4mm hook 
Magic ring then 6 sc into the ring (do not join ) place stitch marker into the 6th sc (6)

Round 2- continue with 1sc in each stitch round for 8 rounds intotal

Now change to 4.5mm hook 

Round 3-  * 1dc in the next stitch 2dc inthe next rep from * (10)

Round 4- 2dc in each stitch round  (20)

Round 5- * 1dc in the next stitch 2dc in the next stitch rep from * (27)

Round 6- * 1 dc in the next 2 stitches 2dc in the next rep from * (36)

Round 7- * 1dc in the next 3 stitches 2dc in the next rep from* (45)

Round 8 - * 1dc in the next 4 stitches 2dc in the next rep from * (54)

Round 9- * 1dc in the next 5 stitched 2dc in the next rep from * (63)

Round 10- 1dc in each stitch round continue to dc until hat measures 10 inch from the tip 

Finishing off 

1dc in the next stitch 1hdc in the next 1sc in the next sl into the next and finish off and sew in ends 
Turn up the bottom two rows to create the brim 


                                                        Happy hooking   

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Donation page

We are a Friendly Donation group who knit and crochet for good causes throughout the year, myself (Tanya Latham) and Zara khan are the runners of this page. please feel free to message us with any questions. we would love to see everyone's work so feel free to share your project in our group, in the "file" section you will patterns, addresses where to send donations to and loads of more information on the places we are donating to throughout the year. ♥

we would like to share all the hard work our lovely group of ladies do with the world 

this year we have decided to help as many people as possible and we have set targets we would like to reach within the group below is a list of just a few people we will be helping 

Newham general hospital
preemies uk
Islamic help 
Fountain of peace homeless day center

if you would like to get involved pls stop by our facebook page

or send us a email

or u can call me on 07896487756

below are a few pics of donations we have had so far 

right now we have a raffle going on for a giant handmade teddy so if u would like to buy some tickets all money goes to buying supplies for homeless  stop by the facebook page link at the top of the page 

Homeless project we just completed 

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Help the homeless

hello everyone its been a while since i posted anything been busy setting up and joining in with a new donation page with my crochet items one one project we are doing is working with the homeless

i read a newspaper report today of the north london police took away homeless peoples blankets food and belongings and i wanna help to give them back its cold out there and its gonna be a long winter so if u can help pls click the link provided thank you

Saturday, 16 November 2013

my twinks AKA the rugrats

hello everyone thought i would show u a montage of my world enjoy

 these are my twins Aisha and umaira they will be 2yrs old on jan 10th they are my everything will add more pictures later :)

Friday, 7 June 2013

gifts for my husbands family i hope they like them :)

hey gang sorry i been AWOL for a while but im off on my jollys and going to meet my husbands family for the first time so been super busy making gifts for everyone im gonna post some pics for you so u can see what i been up to will post the links to the patterns too so if u see anything u like u know where to find it lol

fist gift i made was the happy hippo

i thought what would be the perfect gift for a Muslim family that have everything so i got my thinking cap on and came up with a graph and made this even made the frame for it out of baby play pen old necklace and some glue lol

i though what gifts couls i make for all the girls so been working on some bags i still have 2 left to make though so will have to add them later

this is the crocodile tears purse from the mikeysmail video tutorial on you tube same pattern for top and bottom picture

 i always change the pattern to suit myself so your bag may turn out differnt  to mine some of the patterns i just used for inspiration 

i made a baby blanket for my ikkle baby cousin 

i dont have a pic for that as it was just a basic granny square with fluffy trim and flower motif 

i have a teddy started that i need to finish 2 more bags to make and some prayer caps and like 17 days left to make it wish me luck lol  

just a little update met the hubbys family in pakistan and dubai and they all loved there gifts one aunty loved hers so much she made me teach her how to crochet while i was there felt very proud of my work 

Friday, 3 May 2013

english translation to the summer bag

                                                            Summer bag

Original pattern from

I have been given permission to translate the pattern into English for you

Tools needed

3.5mm hook
3 skeins of Lion brand cotton ease yarn ( normal worsted works up the same )
fabric to match colour scheme of your bag
yarn needle

African flower instructions can be found here

leave off the last round

for this bag you need 18 motifs follow the instructions from above link

then join them together so they match the picture below

once joined you need to sew up the 2 long sides like the picture below

once all sew together you can add the lining

to make the handle you need to chain 125 turn sc in each ch across

change colour at the end of each row and repeat each row till u have 10 rows finish off and line.

sew the handles on

the original pattern can also be found on the link below

tips for sewing the motifs together

personally i just Wip stitch mine together with a needle and yarn or there is a alternative that can be found here